Public Speaking Simplified Workshop

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Public Speaking Simplified

Public speaking is what you do in all your business, social and personal conversations. 

How you communicate is how you are perceived and how you are perceived is how you are treated. Your success depends on the impression you make. 

Every time you are seen or heard, you make an impression and if it is consistent, that’s how you will be perceived and treated.

Your actions or non-actions could be sabotaging you in your relationships and in your career.

Why You Should Register

- To overcome shyness and be able to confidently talk to anyone anytime 

- To be more assertive, more expressive and more effective every time you speak 

- To present your ideas with confidence and showcase your experience and knowledge.

- Deliver ideas more clearly and persuasively in meetings and conversations

- Get to the point and be easily and quickly understood 

- To be hired or promoted

- To command attention and respect every time you speak

What You Will Learn

In Public Speaking Simplified, you will learn 5 communication skills and get an opportunity to practice what you learn + get immediate feedback.

- Master The Art Of Listening (and build trust faster)

- Say What You Mean (and impromptu speaking)

- Vocal Clarity (to be credible, easily heard and understood)

- Ask Better Questions (to get the information you need quicker)

- Expand your spoken vocabulary

I was able to identify my weaknesses & strength, through the workshop I learned I was a fast speaker which means folks are having difficulty hearing what I say.

Gloria helped me to improve my communication skills which led to my breakthrough in job search

Remilekun Obadina • Inventory System Coordinator
Date & Time
Tuesday January 09, 2024
Start - 6:00 PM (America/Winnipeg)
Wednesday March 06, 2024
End - 8:00 PM (America/Winnipeg)

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